I’m Just so Proud of These Kids

Down yonder at HeBrews and the School of Ministry–and by yonder I mean out of door and into the kitchen that opens up into HeBrews–we’ve got a lot going on these days.

A couple of weeks ago we brought in a  band we have come to know and love; FlatFoot56.  Actually, they were here the weekend of the funeral and their presence and the shows did everything I hoped it would.–think comforting, in both the, their-really-tall-guys and the, “spiritual” kind of way.

Since then, one of our school girls has been working pretty hard at getting the media from the event on our youtube channel.–okay, so she’s gotten one day up, but it’s coming along. I promise, it’s coming along.

And because in a lot of senses I feel like a proud mamma when I see the kids in the school going above and beyond. It’s like the first time your littles poops on the potty, you do a little victory dance and spin them in circles dancing, give ‘em a sticker, and hope that it sticks and they remember to do it again next time around.–yep, definitely the same idea–I’m posting the work she’s done here for you to see.

Feel free to oooh and ahhh like it’s your litttles first coloring project. Thank you.



If you only watch one, i suggest this one. Mostly because it makes me laugh a lot. Mostly because I hacked into the program she was using. And Mostly because our lovely school of ministry student left the hacking. Makes me laugh. Makes me happy.–remember in that proud mamma, she just drew me a picture kind of way.

this clip showcases her uncanny ability to line up audio with video.–by accident. I’m impressed. no really. I’m impressed.

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