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Familiarity in Chaos

Tonight we’re headed south. Well, we’re on our way south. I don’t think Kentucky counts as “south.”–I’m pretty sure Kentucky is in it’s own league. It’s somewhere between ORV’s , horses and the bible belt. We’ve parked ourselves in a wal-Mart parking lot and everyones happily asleep in the mild warmth. Which is a big [...]

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Between two babes

In retrospect the trip this summer was hard. At first I didn’t want admit that because I want everyone to think I’m awesome and that living in a bus is the coolest thing ever. As much as that is completely true–especially the awesome part–learning to live in the tight quarters of a bus was hard. [...]


Welcome to Mamma in the Scene

I’m a mamma more along the lines of chaotic. Driven by a heart to follow Yeshua,  this mamma’s life is nothing but out of the ordinary.  You wonder about my accuracy in these statements? We live in the back of a coffee shop gone music venue gone school.  If that’s not convincing enough for you, we also tend to do things like tour under the guise of musicians–with high hopes of one day having a family band proclaiming truth. And to just throw me off the crazy ledge properly, I am an aspiring unschooling mamma.– And I really like to blog about that.– I’m happy to admit, this life and blog is always an adventure. Thanks for joining the chaos.--Grace


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Into the Chaos

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